About Bcc



About Us:
For the last 15 years, Bethlehem instrument Company have been modified and expanded to provide the PNA Areas with the most performance and efficiency to accomplish goals. BIC based in Bethlehem City but our activities have reached most of the Palestinian cities.  
When it comes to quality we are  the leader. We are the extension of our mother organization in Saudi Arabia http://restech.com.sa . 
We represent many international and a well known in the field of analysis like “ Malvren, Foss, EDT.EKA, CAPP. SY-LAB , SCO Germany " 
As Solar energy is the trend of the era, So have started  Promoting,selling and building  projects In west bank and Gaz since 2013
Some of our clients:
 ministry of education , World vision, Technology Transfer Association Al-qudis University, Ministry of health. Research center in  Jericho , Environment Authority , Schools, Hospitals and many more ,  
Products : 
  • Solar Panels .
  • Inverters 
  • Mounting systems  
  • Cabals 
  • solar accessories