Our Partner TTA

"Technology Transfer Association  (TT)"

A.      General information

Name:  Technology Transfer Association  (TT).

Full address:  Nativity Square-, Old  Municipality Bldg, 3ed floor

                           P.O.Box: 1058 Bethlehem – West Bank- Palestine.

Telephone number:02- 2771901 ,05450974031

Fax number:02-2770934

Contact person:Ghassan Olayan

Contact person’s email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Legal status of organization (NGO) Ministry of interior. August, 3  2004

Type of organization:NGO

Registration Number of Organization:BL-470

Date of establishment of the organization:3.8. 2004

Last election  : 1.1.2011


Project executed:

1. Training  in different fields.

2. Drip irrigation system Under Low  purser ( Agricultural)

3. IT Projects.

4. Writing Technology curriculum  for Palestinian schools

5.Volunteers work like olives collecting


Mission & objectives:


1.      A Palestinian NGO, works with youth  in transferring the new technology and Know how from the developed countries to the third world countries, which will raise the awareness in these countries and the latest inventions in the world, this will bridge the gap between the well developed countries and the third world countries in all aspects of life like culture and social life .

2.       We believe that technology is the main factor and  tool for young   to keep different people from different cultures and different countries closer to each other.


Organization activities


1.      Training in deferent fields like knowledge, know How, Tourism  agricultural and health, , education, research centers.

2.   Alternative power ( Sun Power(solar ) and wind energy.)

3.      Participate  in Palestinian curriculum and other new technology Books .


Future activities

1.      Alternative power like the Sun Power(solar ) , wind earth energy,

2.                  Work in different fields like Alternative power , Environment ,agricultural , mutual Tourism, health, knowledge, know How, education, research


    3. training in business for young generation


Training professionals 

Local councils and Security Cadres