Dr.Ahmad shakarna

Curriculum Vita


General information:

  Ahmad Ali Ahmad shakarna

 Date of birth: 15/11/1980

 Place of birth: Jordan.

 Nationality: Palestinian - Jordanian.

 Religion: Muslim.

 Martial status: Married.


Nahhalen- Bethlehem, Palestine.


 Academic Qualification:

Graduate Project Title:

Energy Saving Techniques in Household and Industrial Sector.

Other Certificates:

·  Letter of Appreciation for the Achievements of the Year 2004, from ARIJ GIS and Remote Sensing Department.

 ·  Solar Application, Hybrid Solar System (Training Course Nablus, An Najah National University and Spanish Corporation AZAHAR).

 ·  Energy Globe Award, 2007 (The World Award for Sustainability).

 ·  EWB- International, Solar System Design and Installing.

 ·  Photovoltaic distributed generation in autonomous and grid-tied rural applications. 2010.


Arabic: mother language.

 English: written and spoken.




- Hebron University, Palestine, Renewable Energy Unit Coordinator , from Feb, 2011 to         present.

- Applied Research Institute- Jerusalem   ARIJ (Research Assistant GIS Unit) from 4/8/2004 up to 1/10/2010.

-Abrage Company for electrical and mechanical Engineering-"Engineering office Design and supervision. Hebron"

- AL Amal for electrical and electronic engineering Site engineer.

- Personal Work, Electrical Installation for Homes, schools and small factories, Car Alarming System.

Projects I Involved in:

·  Utilizing Renewable Energy “ Solar and Wind Energy”  in lighting the main street inside the Hebron University Campus ,2012.

·  Technical Consultant for ACF “ Work Against Hunger – Hebron Office” in solar Energy  Technical Partner For ACF. for Al-Fakhit and Al-Tabban Communities in the south mount Hebron, 2012

·  Hebron University renewable energy tent, 2011.

·  Lighting Arab Arrawaeen school by Solar Energy , 2011.

·  Installing Hybrid System  3K Watt in the Hraibat An Nabi "Palestinian Rural Village".

·  Site Engineer in Solar Power Project Jubet Atheeb Village (Power system and solar street lights). http://www.maannews.net/ARB/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=170243

all works related as designing, financial, implementing, supervision and writing the progress reports.

·  Hybrid System Ideas, Design and produce the first national Wind Turbine "Engage in Contest to win the Made in Palestine Prize and then to win the Prize of Made in the Arab World". http://www.alquds.com/node/221512 

·  Installing 2 K watt Solar System in ARIJ New Building 2009 & 2010.

·  Building Arial Home and Installing the Renewable Energy System " EWB- Palestine, Join 'EWB-Palestine' on facebook  to see other Projects also.

·  Solar Cooker Project, Biogas Project, Assembling Solar Panel Modules.

·  Writing many  of solar energy projects for the rural areas in Palestine.

·  Help in designing solar energy Bicycle to be used inside Palestinian refugee camps.

·  Solar Energy Training for Qalandya School's Engineers.

·  ARIJ Documents, GIS, Books, Maps, Posters etc...www.arij.org.

·  Making all Maps for Gaza Urbanisation and land use Changes in the Gaza Strip between 2001 – 2005 Book.  http://www.arij.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=346&Itemid=62

·  Palestine Road Map 2009.

·  Making the Small Scale Waste Water Treatment Plant for ARIJ, Designed from local market equipments. "Idea, Design up to producing the first product.

Training Courses:

·  GIS & GPS During 8/2005.

·  Solar application, Hybrid solar system – Nablus, An Najah National University and Spanish Corporation AZAHAR 18,19,20 /11/2006

·Renewable Energy Techniques – Nablus, Engineering Associationand video conference from Italy DESIR-NET ENEA (www.desire-net.enea.it)  5and 6/2006  

·  Solar System Design and Installing Prepared by EWB- International from 16/12/2008 until 21/12/2008.  

·  Advance Seminar " Photovoltaic distributed generation in autonomous and grid-tied rural applications" An Najah National University and Spanish Corporation 16, 17 and 18 February 2010.

Additional skills:

·  Good Knowledge in GIS programs:

 -ARC view8.3

 -ARC Map 9.3

 -ARC Info.

 -ERDAS Imagining.

 ·  GPS Techniques, Tracking, 3D modeling.

 ·  The ability to make statistical studies using GIS.

 ·  Computer practices (Programs, Maintenance, and Network).

 ·  Electricity Saving Programs.

 ·  Electrical Installing for Homes and factories.

 ·  Car Electrical wiring and installation for central look and alarm systems.

 ·  Design and Installing Solar System and good knowledge about renewable energy tech.

 ·  Knowledge about PLC "Programmable Logic Circuits programming" to Control the heavy and small machinery.

 ·  Designing Small Scale Waste Water Treatment.

 ·  Mobile maintenance.

 ·  Driving license.


 ·  EWB – Palestine.

 ·  Al Quds Electrical Company, Stamp for 100A three phase work.

 ·  Jordan Engineering Association.


 Dr. Awni Al Khateeb: President of Hebron University.

 Dr. Imad Ibrik: General Manager of Energy Research Center - Nablus.

 Eng Nayef Alhoor: General Manager of South Electricity Company -Hebron.

 Eng Jawad Abo Zir: Manager in Jerusalem District Electricity Company, Bethlehem Branch.